Carpet felt sample pack

You want to felt your camper, the cabin in the boat should become a cozy cave or you are simply looking for the right material to implement your ideas, but are not yet sure about the color choice? No problem! With our sample package you can get a very accurate picture of our fabric. The sample pieces have an approximate size of 10x10cm.

Important: This is the sample package Carpetfilz in anthracite, silver gray and vanilla.

All proceeds go directly to a fundraiser that changes monthly.

This month: Aid for Ukraine

The indicated price is a final price incl. VAT. Delivery time 5-7 working days.

Our samples are sent by letter post. Therefore, the delivery cannot be tracked. If the sample package does not reach you after 7 working days, please contact us by mail, we will send new samples!

Important: We send our samples once a week at the beginning of the week (Monday – Tuesday). Please note that this may result in long delivery times if ordered on Tuesday evening. If you are in a hurry, feel free to send us an email!